See How Our Structured Consulting Approach Applied Best Practice Planning For Billion-Dollar Oil & Gas Project.

Strategic Innovation in Oil & Gas: How Rekon Group Revolutionised Incorporating Latest Technology Into Projects Still To Be Delivered

Executive summary

Setting the Stage: Navigating Complexities in a Major Capital Project

Rekon Group embarked on a pivotal consulting project with a major Oil & Gas company, charged with developing a Data, Digital, and IT Directive for a multi-billion-dollar project. This project was critical in recognizing the necessity for planning flexibility to incorporate not just current but also future technological innovations that may not yet exist. The challenge was to create a directive that catered to immediate technological needs while retaining the agility to embrace future advancements.

Crafting the Operational Efficiency FEED Directive

The essence of the project revolved around balancing the need for operational flexibility with stringent project delivery requirements. This balancing act was crucial because relying solely on today’s solutions for future challenges could lead to suboptimal outcomes. The Oil & Gas company acknowledged that incorrect decisions made at the outset could severely impact operational efficiency down the line. This foresight set the stage for a strategic approach that would integrate Data, Digital, and IT needs without compromising on the project’s delivery efficiency.

Innovative Approach: DEFINE™, DECIDE™, DIRECT™ Workshops

Rekon Group facilitated a series of workshops to tackle this intricate challenge using their proprietary StratDo® approach: DEFINE™, DECIDE™, and DIRECT™. These sessions were instrumental in pinpointing the precise problems, exploring potential solutions, and crafting a robust plan to address them. The workshops diagnosed inherent tensions within the project’s planning and execution phases, particularly the natural tension between the Operational Readiness team’s desire to integrate cutting-edge technologies and the Project Delivery team’s need for precise, achievable requirements.

Developing a Unified Strategy

One significant outcome was developing a simple yet effective risk versus value approach that built flexibility into the planning or the solution itself. This approach allowed the project to adapt to future technological advancements while maintaining clear operational efficiency objectives. To consolidate all Data, Digital, and IT requirements and ensure there was a single source of truth, Rekon Group drafted a comprehensive Digital and Data Directive. This directive provided a consolidated view and ensured the project’s adaptability to technological progress.

The Final Impact: A Paradigm Shift in Project Management

Implementing the Operational Efficiency FEED Directive marked a transformative shift in how the Oil & Gas company approached project management. By integrating the ability to adapt to future technologies, the project safeguarded its current operational needs and positioned itself to incorporate innovations seamlessly. The Rekon Group’s strategic intervention facilitated better cross-functional collaboration and streamlined operations, establishing a new standard in the industry for managing large-scale, complex projects with foresight and flexibility.

Reflecting on the initiative, the project team appreciated how the Directive allowed them to maintain operational efficiency while being open to technological evolution. This strategic foresight by Rekon Group didn’t just optimize the project’s current operations; it revolutionized its entire approach to project management, making a compelling case for the power of advanced strategic planning in the dynamic and highly regulated Oil & Gas industry.

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