Rekon Group offers a personal coaching service to assist clients to understand their own strengths and weaknesses, establish a vision for where they want to be, and then to provide practical methods to be able to build professional and personal trust within their team.

As part of building high performance teams and improving workplace culture, at Rekon Group we believe that:

High Performance = Leadership and Culture X Strategy X Execution

Within this, leadership is all about trust.  Our Trust Model helps us to understand and explain leadership and the surrounding culture. Personal Trust is the potent combination of integrity, empathy and a genuine care for others. Professional trust is knowing the leader has the knowledge, skill and competence to be able to deliver results. This model forms the basis of our coaching program.

Rekon Group Trust Model

Rekon Group Trust Model: Personal and Professional Trust

To learn more about the Rekon Group Trust model, click here.

Our coaching methods:

We follow a 5 step process when coaching clients on leadership and management:

  1. Where you are – current strengths and weaknesses utilising our Rekon Group 360 Degree Feedback tool
  2. Reason for change – why you need to change
  3. The vision – where you want to get to
  4. Development areas – building on strengths
  5. Roadmap – plan to get there and how to check progress

Before committing to any program we like our coaches to meet with prospective clients to ensure they are a good match.  Coaches are matched to clients based on a number of factors including experience level, background, and location.

We recommend a 3 month commitment however this can be tailored depending on individual circumstances.

Why choose Rekon Group coaching for yourself or your team?

  1. Our People: At Rekon Group all our Coaches and Trainers are experienced leaders. Our approach is a potent combination of Special Forces leadership experience, academic theory, and business knowledge.
  1. Proven Methodologies: Our training is simple, practical, and relevant. We focus on giving people the knowledge, tools, skills and confidence to succeed by utilising our Rekon Group tools of the DECIDE planning and decision making process, and the DIRECT communication process.

We also offer public Leadership courses, corporate training and online training if you would prefer. We can design bespoke courses to fit your workplace or individual needs.

To be put in touch with one of our leaders, or for information regarding coaching or any of our other services please email us at Rekon Group here:

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