StratDo® Level II – Team Leader Decision Leadership Course

  •  July 30, 2024 - August 1, 2024
     9:00 am - 4:00 pm

StratDo® Level II - Team Leader Decision Leadership Course

StratDo Decision Leadership Level II – Team Leader Decision Leadership Course

Elevate Your Leadership: Strategic Decision-Making for Team Leaders and Supervisors

Welcome to the StratDo® Level II – Team Leader Decision Leadership Course, tailored specifically for team leaders and supervisors who are ready to enhance their leadership capabilities and drive their teams toward greater success and productivity.

Course Overview:

Team leaders and supervisors are pivotal in translating organissational goals into actionable results through their teams. The StratDo® Level II Course builds on foundational leadership skills, introducing advanced decision-making strategies and tools that enable leaders to manage more effectively, foster a high-performance culture, and handle complex challenges with agility and confidence.

What You Will Learn:
  • Advanced Leadership Dynamics: Deepen your understanding of leadership principles that inspire and motivate teams to achieve their best.
  • Operational Decision-Making Processes: Master more advanced decision making techniques using StratDo® ’s DECIDER™, DEFINE™, and DECIDE™, frameworks to enhance decision-making.
  • Effective Execution Strategies: Implement our DIRECT™ and REFLECT™ tools to clarify communication, improve accountability, and drive efficiency within your team.
Course Features:
  • Targeted Learning Content: The curriculum is specifically designed to address the unique challenges and responsibilities faced by team leaders and supervisors, ensuring relevance and immediate applicability.
  • Interactive and Collaborative Learning: Engage in hands-on activities, group discussions, and role-playing scenarios that foster collaboration and reinforce learning through practical application.
  • Experienced Facilitators: Our instructors are seasoned leaders with extensive experience in both military and corporate settings, equipped to provide insights that bridge theoretical knowledge with real-world application.
Who Should Attend:

This advanced course is ideal for current team leaders and supervisors who have some experience in managing others and are seeking to sharpen their skills in leadership and strategic decision-making. It is particularly beneficial for:

  • Established team leaders and supervisors across all industries
  • Individuals preparing for higher management roles
  • Leaders who want to enhance their ability to navigate complex team dynamics

Participants will complete the StratDo® Level II Course with intemediate skills in operational decision-making and leadership. Graduates will be capable of leading their teams with greater efficacy, navigating complex challenges, and fostering an environment that encourages innovation and high performance.

Enrol in the StratDo® Decision Leadership Level II Course today and transform your leadership approach to inspire and guide your team to new heights of success.

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