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StratDo® Level III – Senior Leader Decision Leadership Course – Perth

The StratDo® Level III – Senior Leader Decision Leadership course will  give you the knowledge and tools to be the leader people talk about for years to come.

Course description

Join us for the upcoming StratDo® Level III  – Senior Leader Decision Leadership Course, a transformative three-day workshop for middle managers and senior leaders.

The workshop will occur at Bells Function Centre in the heart of Perth CBD from 30 July to 01 August 2024. This intensive program will introduce participants to the StratDo® decision-making approach and tools; a holistic, transferable, scalable, and congruent framework and tools applicable to any industry or business. This flexible and intuitive framework will equip you with the tools to navigate organisational complexity and make strategic decisions quickly.

Our hands-on approach to learning ensures that you can confidently apply your knowledge to real-world challenges. You will also learn to use the framework and tools to communicate effectively with colleagues and superiors.

By the end of the course, you will have developed a deep understanding of techniques that will sharpen your decision-making skills and enhance your organisation’s effectiveness and your personal leadership trajectory.

Course outline

Day 1: Introduction and Foundation Case Studies
  • Introduction to the StratDo® approach.
  • Learn about the StratDo®tools: DECIDER> DEFINE> DECIDE> DIRECT> REFLECT.
  • Apply the StratDo® framework to progressively complex scenarios, from local business expansion to new product launches and operational efficiency improvements.
Day 2: Decision-Making in Various Environments
  • Explore decision-making in chaotic, complex, complicated, and simple environments.
  • Apply the StratDo® approach to advanced case studies, using real-world and Harvard case studies.
Day 3: Advanced Applications and Capstone Case Study
  • Understand the role of emotion in decision-making and how to manage its impact.
  • Learn techniques to drive effective cross-functional coordination and communication.
  • Complete a comprehensive capstone case study to integrate and apply all learned concepts.

Learning objectives

  • Understand Current Decision-Making Practices and the StratDo® Approach
  • Gain insights into how decisions are currently made and how the StratDo® framework can enhance these processes.
  • Master decision rights and learn how to use the DECIDER tool to drive clarity and accountability in your organisation
  • Learn how to frame problems and identify the right problems to solve with the DEFINE tool
  • Explore and select optimal solutions with the DECIDE tool
  • Use structured approaches and tools to evaluate options and choose the best solution
  • Communicate plans persuasively with the DIRECT tool
  • Improve your ability to convey decisions and strategies to colleagues and superiors
  • Assess execution effectiveness and drive continuous improvement using the REFLECT tool
  • Understand the role of emotions in decision-making and how to manage a crisis effectively
  • Learn how to leverage AI in the decision-making process effectively and how to enhance current ways of working
“The StratDo Level III - Senior Leader Decision Leadership course is highly recommended. Every element of the framework can be applied to your day-to-day work so easily and add value immediately from more deliberate and structured conversations, guided by an efficient process. For leaders, particularly those who leader teams and report into other leaders, this is a must do course or for those wanting to streamline strategic planning.”
Deborah Smith
Principal Planner (Chief of Staff) PCoE


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