Six considerations for choosing your Leadership Program

“Leadership effectiveness has been shown to be the single most powerful driving force for an organisation’s success” (Zenger Folkman 2019). As you plan for developing the leadership in your organisation in 2021, consider these six factors*: Tailor the leadership program to your organisation. The program should reinforce the style and behaviours you want to see. […]

Rekon Group Pty Ltd is very pleased to welcome Bronwynne Bailey as a Senior Consultant.

Bronwynne is a legal and risk executive and brings to Rekon Group extensive leadership and team management experience gained from 25 years working in the financial services and industrial market sectors. In her roles as Chief Legal Counsel at AMP Capital and Coates Group Holdings Pty Limited, Bronwynne proved to be a motivational team leader […]

Understanding the Boeing’s Icarus crisis using the Rekon Culture Model™

On 29 October 2018 a Lion Air flight crashed into the Java Sea 12 minutes after takeoff.  All 189 passengers and crew travelling in the Boeing 737 MAX 8 perished. On 10 March 2019 another Boeing 737 MAX 8, this time operated by Ethiopian Airlines, crashed shortly after takeoff from Addis Ababa. This crash also […]

Six steps to ensure effective communication

Successful individuals seem able to communicate in a way that results in optimal outcomes for their superiors and their teams.  Despite many of us feeling we are competent communicators, we often miss vital information, resulting in sub-optimal outcomes.  How can communication be improved? The good news is, it is a learned skill; with some knowledge […]

Six ways planning improves performance

Business planning is often a high-level exercise undertaken periodically, or a reactive process initiated by a crisis. Effective planning should be regular and structured to optimise performance across your organisation. Superior planning: 1. Creates a common language and shared understanding A structured planning process involves all stakeholders and steps them through a sequence of steps […]

Make excellent decision-making a habit for you

Your decisions, individual or collective, drive performance. The ability to make excellent decision-making a habit at an individual and collective level is the cornerstone of success in all aspects of business and life.  Systems are made up of people; therefore, if people have excellent decision-making skills, systems benefit and become more effective.  Research indicates that […]

Plan to Lead with Rekon Group: We show you how.

In order to advance your career and to ensure success in your business, effective leadership is critical. But how do you plan to lead?   At Rekon Group, we give you the knowledge, tools and confidence to effectively lead your team through any situation. We believe Performance = Culture x Strategy x Execution…and our course […]

Intensive one-day Program: February 2018

Plan to Lead has been developed to provide simple, practical tools for use by leaders in all levels of an organisation. Focused on teaching leaders the fundamentals of leadership, how to plan, and how to communicate the plan. Giving you the confidence to lead: An intensive 1-Day program using the latest experiential learning techniques to ensure the training is […]

Harness the power of collaborative planning

“The men who parachuted into Normandy prior to D-Day weren’t successful because someone was directing their every move, or because they were following a highly scripted plan. Instead, they were successful because they were dropped in the wrong locations, were separated from their chains of command, and collectively decided to throw away the plan.” (Blaber, […]

Trust in the Workplace: A Tesla Case Study

What is the impact of trust in the workplace? At Rekon Group we believe that:   High Performance is driven by Culture, Strategy and Execution   Where the workplace culture is driven by the leaders of the organisation.  Providing the foundation of this workplace culture is the Rekon Group Trust model, which defines the two […]

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