500+ individual and organisational surveys conducted and growing...

Our proprietary Individual and Organisational 360 Performance and Culture surveys, along with Safety and Ethics surveys, deliver targeted, actionable insights for performance improvement.

Our surveys, developed in collaboration with executive leaders and organisational psychologists, offer valuable insights that have directly driven strategic initiatives and personal development programs.

Individual 360

The benefits for you individually

Take your career to the next level with our Individual 360 survey. Understand who you are, why you do things, how it affects your work, and what impact you create.

Organisational 360

The benefits for your organisation

X-ray your organization! Our Performance and Culture survey offers a holistic view encompassing strategy, execution, leadership, culture, and more.

More than just a “engagement exercise” REKON surveys guide CEOs, executives, and leaders on where to focus to develop a winning strategy and a robust operating model, driving industry success with actionable outcomes and clear direction.

Individual 360 Degree Survey

The benefits for you individually

Our survey will help you achieve your full potential and enhance your career. The REKON Individual 360 survey will help you understand ‘Who’ you are, ‘Why’ you do things, ‘How’ that translates in the workplace, and ‘What’ the outcome is. It’s particularly valuable for helping individuals:

Organisational 360 Degree Survey

The benefits for your organisation

The REKON Group Organisational Performance and Culture survey will provide an assessment of the culture of your organisation as well as the effectiveness of the operating model in achieving its mission. The benefits for the organisation of this survey are:

What sets us apart is our surveys provide specific and actionable insights to target systems and processes that will drive changes in behaviour.

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