Rekon Group, decision-making experts, offer global consulting, professional development and advanced analytics for superior performance.

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At Rekon, our values and pragmatic approach define us. Our proprietary StratDo® approach and tools offer flexible, structured solutions for your toughest challenges, empowering and supporting you every step of the way.

Advanced Analytics and AI Solutions

We provide state-of-the-art solutions to harness data and provide advanced analytics.

We provide:
- Advanced Analytic capability
- AI strategy and planning
- Custom AA/AI models
- LLM interface to access data


We provide a structured and disciplined approach to complex problem-solving.

We provide:
- Operational Excellence / Productivity
- Operating Model effectiveness
- Strategy Formulation
- Supply Chain Strategy and Optimisation
- Org Design and efficiency
- Value chain optimisation
- Risk and opportunity management


Our professional development programs help you become an expert in decision-making. Improve your skills and empower your team.

We provide:
- Public StratDo® Level I-V Courses
- Bespoke Corporate Programs
- Ethical Decision-Making
- Change-Management
- Safety and Risk


Our Performance and Culture 360 degree surveys provide actionable insights for you or your organisation.

We provide:
- Organisational 360 surveys
- Individual 360 surveys
- Safety and Ethics surveys
- Custom surveys to support analysis

Software Solutions

Effectively capture, execute, monitor and improve your strategy and plans using the StratDo® software and approach.

Software and apps designed to enhance decision-making, problems-solving and business improvement and productivity.


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