See How We Used Advanced Analytics to develop Customer Segmentation for a Global Mining Equipment Provider


A leading global provider of heavy equipment for the mining and resources sector faced challenges with their existing customer segmentation approach. The company had historically segmented its market based on a critical assumption regarding customer purchase behavior, which they suspected might not accurately capture the diverse needs and behaviors of their customer base.


The company’s initial segmentation was grounded in outdated assumptions that no longer aligned with the dynamic market environment:
– The existing segmentation did not accurately reflect variations in customer behaviors and preferences.
– There was a lack of understanding regarding price sensitivity and the likelihood of customers switching between offerings based on value propositions.
– The segmentation failed to inform targeted marketing strategies and product development effectively.


To develop a sophisticated and actionable customer segmentation model that could drive personalized marketing and product strategies, enhance customer engagement, and fundamentally inform the company’s strategic direction.


Leveraging its expertise in advanced analytics and AI-powered solutions, Rekon Group designed a bespoke global survey to delve deeper into customer preferences, behaviours, and price sensitivity elasticity.


Survey Design and Execution: The survey was meticulously crafted to challenge and test the company’s existing assumptions about customer purchase behavior, particularly focusing on price sensitivity and value proposition trade-offs.
Advanced Analytics and AI Integration: Utilising state-of-the-art analytics tools and AI, the team performed detailed K-means cluster analysis and predictive modelling to draw out distinct customer segments from the survey data.
Collaborative Approach: By integrating the client’s extensive industry knowledge into the analytical process, the team ensured that the segmentation was not only statistically robust but also practically relevant and implementable.


Refined Customer Segmentation: The analysis revealed significant deviations from the company’s original assumptions about customer behaviours, leading to a completely revamped segmentation model.
Strategic Alignment of Product Offerings: The new insights obtained from the segmentation directly informed the adjustment and development of product strategies, aligning offerings more closely with customer needs and maximizing market penetration.
Enhanced Strategic Initiatives: Armed with a clearer understanding of their customer base, the company was able to realign their strategic initiatives and target their marketing and sales efforts more effectively, ensuring that resources were concentrated where they could generate the most value.


The redefined customer segmentation fundamentally changed the company’s approach to the market. It not only enhanced the targeting of marketing and sales efforts but also drove product strategy adjustments that were closely aligned with actual customer needs and preferences. This strategic realignment allowed the company to strengthen its competitive position and accelerate growth.


This case study highlights the transformative potential of challenging existing assumptions and employing advanced analytical methodologies to redefine customer segmentation. The project not only provided the company with a deeper understanding of its market but also equipped it with the strategic tools to innovate and lead in a competitive industry. The integration of a revised customer segmentation into the company’s strategic planning has set a new benchmark for data-driven decision-making and market responsiveness.

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