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AI and Human Expertise = Superior Performance

A Harvard survey of 1,075 companies in 12 industries found that optimising collaboration between humans and Advanced Analytics (AA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) resulted in a minimum of 2x but up to 6.5 improvement in performance.

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Can you afford to delay your AI journey?

Companies that leverage AI-enabled products or services can gain a lasting competitive advantage and set higher barriers for others entering the market. Early adopters stand to outperform competitors who are slower to embrace AI technology.

Unsure How to Begin?

At Rekon Group, we specialise in guiding organisations through the complexities of integrating Advanced Analytics (AA)  and Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their operational frameworks to forge a competitive advantage. 

Our Five-Step Approach

DEFINE™ the opportunity:

We assess the opportunities for AA and AI on your industry and organisation, then use our DEFINE™ process to collaboratively identify priority opportunities.

DECIDE™ the best option:

Next, our collaborative DECIDE™ process will evaluate AA/AI options, weighing opportunities and risks, to integrate AI into your business best and align with strategic objectives.

DIRECT™ the execution:

Next, an execution plan is drafted using the DIRECT™ tool to ensure enablers and resources are in place for effective execution and coordination. 

DEVELOP the AA/AI tools and models:

Using state-of-the-art AA and AI we develop tools tailored to your needs, ensuring they meet expectations and are continuously evaluated for accuracy and useability. 

DEPLOY the tools at scale:

Finally, we ensure the seamless integration of AA/AI into your operations, aimed at driving superior decision-making and performance.

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