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Strategic Transformation at IFAM: Navigating New Phases with Rekon Group’s Expertise

Introduction: Addressing the Need for Strategic and Agile Transformation

The International Freight Assistance Mechanism (IFAM), a crucial entity supporting Australia’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, faced the challenge of transitioning from a crisis response phase to a more proactive, agile, and strategically positioned phase. Recognizing the potential risks of fatigue, stress, and lost opportunities without a deliberate transition, IFAM leadership acknowledged the need for a refined operational model to sustain the sense of urgency while enhancing speed and responsiveness with additional funding.

Engagement with Rekon Group

IFAM engaged Rekon Group to facilitate this critical transformation. The collaboration was structured around a three-phase approach aimed at developing a robust strategy, enhancing the team’s agile decision-making capabilities, and ensuring effective implementation and capability transfer.

Phase 1: Strategic Development and Cascade

Rekon Group initiated the intervention with a one-day Strategic Planning workshop for IFAM’s Executive team. The goal was to develop a unified strategic and operational plan aligned with IFAM’s broader mission under Austrade. The workshop employed Rekon Group’s proprietary Rekon Decide™ planning process, which included describing the environment, establishing objectives, creating options, identifying opportunities and risks, deciding on a strategy, and planning execution. Preparation for this workshop involved two days of groundwork, with an additional day post-workshop to collate and finalize the strategic outputs.

Phase 2: Building Agile Decision-Making Capability

The second phase focused on enhancing the agile decision-making capabilities of IFAM personnel. Rekon Group customized the REKONP3™ training package, which merges best practices from both traditional and agile project management. This training was designed to equip all team members with the skills to make informed decisions quickly in uncertain situations, using tools like the Rekon DECIDE™ and DIRECT™ processes. The training aimed to establish a common language and framework for decision-making within IFAM, enhancing both individual and collective ability to navigate complex scenarios effectively.

Phase 3: Capability Handover and Implementation Support

The final phase involved the handover of capabilities and support for implementation. Rekon Group worked to integrate the best technical or procedural solutions without introducing bureaucracy, ensuring that decision-making processes were simple, efficient, and auditable. This phase was crucial for allowing IFAM to become self-sufficient and not reliant on continuous external support.

Outcomes and Impact

The collaboration between IFAM and Rekon Group led to significant organizational improvements:

  • Strategic Alignment: The strategic planning workshop helped align IFAM’s activities with its long-term goals, ensuring all team members were focused on a shared end-goal.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: The training programs significantly improved the speed and quality of decision-making processes, with staff now better equipped to handle uncertainty.
  • Operational Efficiency: The introduction of agile methodologies reduced meeting times and streamlined operations.
  • Capability Self-Sufficiency: The final phase ensured that IFAM could sustain these improvements independently, with robust systems in place to support ongoing strategic and operational activities.


IFAM’s engagement with Rekon Group marked a transformative phase in its operational strategy, equipping the organization to navigate future challenges and capitalize on opportunities effectively. By embedding agility, strategic clarity, and enhanced decision-making capabilities, IFAM is well-positioned to continue its mission of supporting Australia’s economic recovery with a robust framework that fosters continuous improvement and resilience.

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