See How We Embedded The StratDo® Approach in An Operations Centre During COVID.

Accelerating Healthcare Response: Royal Perth Bentley Group’s Rapid Deployment of an Operations Hub During COVID-19

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Challenge: Managing Patient Overflow in a Crisis

As the COVID-19 pandemic escalated, healthcare systems worldwide braced for unprecedented challenges. At the Royal Perth Bentley Group (RPBG), the immediate threat was a potential surge in cases that risked overwhelming hospital capacities. The solution—a swiftly established operations hub to manage patient overflow. This initiative, typically a nine-month project, was radically condensed into a mere three weeks to meet the urgent need.

Rekon Group’s Strategic Intervention in a High-Pressure Scenario

In a period marked by significant uncertainty and high stakes, RPBG turned to Rekon Group, known for its decision-making prowess and expertise in cultivating high-performance cultures. Faced with staff with no prior experience running operations centres and only three days allocated for training, the pressure to perform was immense. The emotional and operational stakes were high, as the team needed to be rapidly prepared to manage the complexities of an evolving pandemic.  Our approach included:

  1. Accelerated Training Program: Implementing an intensive three-day training module to equip the staff with the necessary skills to operate the new hub effectively.
  2. Culture and Decision-Making Framework: Establishing a robust decision-making framework and fostering a resilient culture that could withstand the pressures of the crisis, ensuring that staff could make critical decisions swiftly and effectively.


Implementation and Impact

Despite the daunting timeline and the high-pressure environment, the operations hub was launched on schedule thanks to the agile methodologies employed by Rekon Group:

  • On-Time Launch: The hub’s timely operation, achieved within the three-week deadline, was a testament to the effectiveness of agile practices in crisis management.
  • High-Performance Team: The rapid training transformed a group of inexperienced staff into a cohesive and efficient team capable of handling the hub’s demanding operations.
  • Emotional and Operational Resilience: The team’s ability to manage high emotions and expectations under pressure was crucial. Our training and frameworks provided the support needed to navigate these challenges successfully.
  • Sustainable Operations: The hub effectively managed patient flow during the pandemic’s critical stages, maintaining high standards of care and preventing the hospital system from being overwhelmed.

Conclusion: Mastery of Crisis Management through Training and Agility

The establishment of the operations hub at RPBG during the COVID-19 crisis is a profound example of how agile methodologies and focused training can drastically enhance healthcare response capabilities. This project ensured the efficient management of patient overflow and demonstrated the power of a well-prepared team to operate under extreme pressure. The successful collaboration between RPBG and Rekon Group showcased the critical importance of rapid response and adaptability in healthcare operations, setting a new benchmark for crisis management in highly uncertain environments.

Rekon Group’s role

  • The operations hub was successfully launched within the ambitious 3-week timeline. Key achievements included:
  • On-Time Launch: The hub became operational as scheduled, demonstrating the effectiveness of agile methodologies under tight deadlines.
  • High-Performance Team: Staff were well-trained and cohesive, capable of efficiently managing the hub’s operations.
  • Immediate Issue Resolution: The agile framework allowed swift responses to operational challenges, minimising disruptions.
  • Sustainable Operations: The hub successfully managed patient flow during the initial critical stages of the  pandemic.

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