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Bronwynne Bailey – Senior Consultant

Bronwynne Bailey is a Senior Consultant at Rekon Group Pty Ltd, where she excels in governance, risk, and compliance. Since joining Rekon Group in February 2020, she has been responsible for leadership training and development, working with clients to improve organisational culture and resolve workplace conflicts using various techniques, including mediation. Bronwynne introduces processes that drive a change in the quality and speed of business decision-making and planning.

Previously, Bronwynne was the Chief Legal Counsel & Company Secretary for Coates Group Holdings Pty Limited from March 2011 to December 2019. As a member of the Executive Leadership Team, she was responsible for implementing strategic goals, advising on business improvements, and managing the legal team. Her role included overseeing external legal providers, investigating disclosures from the “Whistleblower” Line, and ensuring statutory compliance.

From July 1991 to November 2007, Bronwynne held various senior roles at AMP Capital and AMP Limited. As Chief Legal Counsel at AMP Capital, she managed all legal work for AMP Investments, negotiating joint ventures, trusts, funds management agreements, and more. She played a crucial role in transforming AMP Society’s investments division into AMP Capital Investors. Her achievements include hiring and mentoring a high-performing legal team and representing AMP on industry bodies. At AMP Limited, she worked on special projects, including feasibility studies for dispute resolution facilities and participating in the due diligence team for AMP Society’s demutualisation.

Bronwynne holds a BA LLB, a Graduate Diploma in Psychology from the University of Sydney, and further executive education from Harvard Business School. Her extensive legal, risk, compliance, and regulatory knowledge, business acumen, and strong leadership skills make her an invaluable asset to Rekon Group and her clients. Her ability to build and develop strong teams, provide strategic governance advice, and effectively collaborate across businesses underscores her expertise in driving organisational success.

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