Recon Leadership becomes Rekon Group

Recon Leadership changes to Rekon Group
The change in name from Recon Leadership to Rekon Group better reflects the work we are doing in the Strategy formulation and Execution areas.

We like to think of Performance as being Culture x Strategy x Execution. We focus on all three developing all three elements for our clients.  The name change from Recon Leadership to Rekon Group better reflects we provide more than just leadership. Although leadership development is an important component of what we offer, it is not all we offer.

We believe that leaders determine culture and provide simple, intuitive leadership tools to drive a culture of excellence.

Rekon Group Strategy Development:

Once you have a culture of excellence you need a strategy. We believe that a strategy has to be developed collaboratively within an organisation in order to develop ownership, unity of effort and alignment. We have developed the simple and intuitive DECIDE together planning process that can be used at all levels within an organisation (from CEO to frontline). This framework provides a ‘common language’ that makes planning fast and effective. Click here to see our Rekon Group Golden Rules of Planning.

Rekon Group – Execution of the plan:

The final piece of the puzzle is executing with precision, monitoring the environment, and changing direction rapidly. Using the DIRECT not dictate communication template we show you how to communicate with clarity reducing the chance of miscommunication. We develop the skills within an organisation to be able to rapidly adapt to changing circumstances to outperform the competition.

Click here to view our flagship Rekon Group Training Course “Leading Through Uncertainty”. 

Rekon Group also offers Corporate Training, Coaching, consulting and event presentations. Click here to find out more about what Rekon Group can do for you and your business.

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