StratDo®Culture – Building A Culture Of Excellence

Join us for breakfast and hear from our expert panel comprised of Bronwynne Bailey, Francoise Michel, and Shani Logan, as they discuss culture in the workplace. The recent news cycle has shown the devastating effects of toxic culture within organisations, from the highest offices of Government, to the Military, and sporting teams. Our experienced consultants will discuss how to recognise a toxic culture within your teams and larger organisations, and show you how to lead people to become a High-Performing culture, explored using the proprietary Rekon Group Culture model

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      What you learn

      REKON Leadership and Culture Models

      Create a culture of excellence

      How to plan and make decisions using the REKONDECIDE™ process

      Understand decision making in simple, complicated, complex and chaotic environments

      How to implement plans with precision

      Develop and communicate complex plans for large teams

      StratDo® Methodology | Simple, intuitive knowledge and tools that work.

      People are the most important element of any business. Rekon StratDo® will teach you the fundamentals of leadership, enabling you to foster a culture of excellence and drive high-performance teams in your organisation.

      REKON’s proprietary StratDo® Method and tools provide a scalable, congruent, transferable, and holistic approach to work, ensuring a unified language and consistent way-of-working throughout the organisation.

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